Employment with the Fire Department


*** Update 19 March 2015 ***  – The CPAT practice program begins on Sunday, March 22, 2015, and candidates who have passed the written exam for Firefighter/EMT are encouraged to attend.  Candidates will receive orientation and hands-on familiarity with the actual CPAT test apparatus.  Peer Fitness staff will also be available to offer suggestions for exercise routines to assist in preparation for the actual CPAT test. If you have submitted a waiver form, please note that it does not preclude you from participating in the practice program. IAFF CPAT guidelines require the following attire: shirt, long pants/sweats, footwear with closed toe and heel, and no watches or restrictive jewelry (this attire is required for access to the CPAT course).  Applicants who show up in any other attire will not be permitted to access the CPAT course (this includes practice, timed practice and the official CPAT test).  Please bring your photo identification with you. See the links below for the full CPAT schedule and other relative information.

*** Update 16 March 2015 ***  – The Arlington County Fire Department (ACFD) learned recently that the process for obtaining criminal history reports from jurisdictions within the state of Maryland has changed.  Please contact the ACFD Recruitment office at (703) 228-0098 to receive further information on obtaining these reports from Maryland.  Please note that this does not change the deadline for submission of your background packets, which are due no later than Friday, March 20, 2015.  Thank you.

Background Package – see the instructions, checklist of items, authorization to release information forms, background questionnaire, CPAT waiver form, and deadline for background package submittal.


The Arlington County Fire Department is always looking for qualified people to join our team. However, the application period for Firefighter/EMT Recruit is now closed. To be notified of the next opening, submit the online form.

The Arlington County Fire Department is committed to providing an inclusive work environment that attracts the best-qualified applicants. We use targeted recruitment procedures and best practices.